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A two way radio is one that can transmit and receive. It is also called a transceiver. The two way radio definition encompasses most of the wireless or cellular systems. Portable devices which use the two way radio system are called walkie talkies or handie-talkies. The transmitter on a two way radio device is turned on by pressing a push-to-talk button. Pushing this button sets you free to start talking through the device. There is normally another person on the other end of the conversation, or a group of people who have devices which use the two way radio system.

The 2 way radio technology is one of the earliest wireless network technologies. Despite the fact that there are countless other ways of wireless communication due to innovation, the two way radio system is still viable and used by people to widen their communication range.

It is mainly used due to the following two main advantaged:

Communication is Instant

The two way radio system enables instant communication. Within a fraction of a second after pushing the push-to-talk button, you would be able to pass on your messages . This has been made possible by a quick call set-up time integrated in this technology. The reliance of organizations on the two way radio system is founded on the fact that the device enables instant communication.

Group Communication is Possible With This Technology

This is adistinct feature of the two way radio technology. The capability of this system to create a scenario where a whole group communicates even from distances apart is also called “group call”. It is very efficient in that one caller is able to convey a message to up to thousands of other users at the same time. Not one user receives his/ her message later than the others in a group call. The conveyor of the message does not need to repeat himself/ herself so that the message is heard by everyone in the group communicating. Very little radio frequency channel resources are used during the group communication, meaning that it is not a way that utilizes so much of an organization’s resources.

Benefits of a Two Way Radio System of Communication

All wireless technology systems of communication have their advantages and disadvantages. Organizations or groups have their preferences in regards to how they conduct their day-to-day businesses.

A two way radio system of communication is superior to other systems of wireless communication due to the following key reasons:

• It is suitable for people who are mobile hence are rarely together to carry out their duties and responsibilities close to each other.

• It is suitable for communicating among a group of people.

• Communication using the two way radio system is instant.

The aspect of a two way radio system of instant communication enables emergencies to be handled pretty fast. A situation that requires urgent attention can be attended to as fast as possible. A cellular phone would be a great option for communication of emergencies, just that, they take time as the person on the other end of the call has got to receive first so that the message is conveyed. The few seconds or possibly even a minute as the phone rings could create an avenue for the situation to worsen. A two way radio system only requires you to push a button and then convey the message straight-up, as long as the radio frequency channels are available. In the event of congestion on the radio frequency channels, the two way radio system is designed to overcome this and create a priority in the event of an emergency. This feature is not available to other technologies of the wireless system.


What Does Two Way Radio Mean, The two way radio system is very efficient and economical. Making phonecalls to more than 5 members of a particular group would be pretty expensive as compared to conveying messages through a two way radio system. It would also take time to call one member after the other, a situation that would not arise with the two way radio technology.

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09 May 2015
After doing a little research, I can now tell you (basically) everything you ever wanted to know about black boxes...

In the average commercial aircraft, you’ll find the presence of multiple (usually four) microphones in the cockpit at any given time. They are located in the pilot and co-pilot’s headsets, as well as in the cockpit itself. Not only do these microphones record conversations between the pilots and cabin crew, they also record any ambient noise (such as switches being thrown or sounds generated by technical issues). The microphones all connect to the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), a master unit that stores the last 30 minutes of sound. The tape operates on a loop, essentially erasing itself every half hour.

This device is known colloquially, but a little misleadingly, as the black box (it is usually quite brightly coloured in order to make it easier to find in the unlikely event of an accident). Another device also referred to as a black box, is the flight data recorder (FDR), which automatically records data regarding the plane’s flight path, speed and movements in the air. Although the devices are distinct from one another, the information they record goes to the same place and is used for the same purpose, thus their shared name of black box.

In recent years, manufacturers have moved away from magnetic tape-based CVRs and FDRs and towards solid state technology boxes. These improved devices store the relevant data on memory boards, which can hold up to two hours of cockpit recording and 25 hours of flight data. The solid-state devices are also sturdier than their tape-based counterparts.

Crash survivable memory units (CMSUs), are large cylinders that back up all the relevant data and are designed to withstand extreme heat, pressure and violent impact. They are typically contained within the box itself. In the more severe accidents, the CMSU is all that survives of the black box.

The black box, then, simply records all the relevant data before an accident occurs. This serves to provide engineers with an explanation for a crash, as well as providing investigators and regulators with the same information.

So there you have it, of course, a lot of information is stored in an aircraft’s black box (much more than I’ve detailed here), but as a general example, that’s what it is and how it works. Hope that helps.

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06 May 2015
You might have heard about the Kenwood radio which is the second most popular gadget in the world. As we watch communication systems surrendering to technology’s prodigies, businesses around the world expand. Various sectors of profession that rely on radio technology can actively communicate without facing any hassles. Kenwood is a renowned brand for producing reliable communication equipments. The Kenwood radio earpiece is no exception, being an ideal preference for this particular audio device. The fundamental kinds of ear pieces used for this kind of radio are the 2 pin and multi-pin connectors. Offering exceptional performance within a reliable framework, customers have shifted to using such models for increased audibility.

Key Features of Kenwood Radio Earpiece

The earpiece offers a clear and discrete source that makes communication easier. Composed of high impact polycarbonate plastic, the earpiece allows individuals to communicate in the noisiest environments. Kenwood radio earpieces therefore are considered to be the best choice that is compatible with the radio device. It is the perfect choice of equipment used for communication by security experts, door staff, and surveillance teams. The 2-pin model features two connector pins whereas the multi-pin model features various connectors. A good example of the multi-pin model is the Kenwood 3 wire earpiece that features has been fabricated into a three wire system design.

kenwood earpiece

The Kenwood earpiece comprises of a 'push to talk' or PTT button which is basically the controller of the device. It allows individuals to rapidly get in touch with clients, associates or team members to discuss and carry out various tasks. The coordination of two way radios with the right earpiece ensures excellent sound quality. One of the key features of the 2 wire earpiece is that it can be attached to a collar, lapel or a tie and slipped inside the clothing easily. The Kenwood 3 wire earpiece is slightly different since it is held in the hand to regulate operation instead of being mounted on the lapel or collar. The PTT allows the recipient to switch on or off the earpiece to relay information across.

Benefits of Buying Kenwood Earpiece

Coordinate the responses of your team at office using the Kenwood earpiece device that has been introduced by a reputable company which has existed since 1946. Attaining years of trust from clients, everyone knows how beneficialThe Kenwood radio earpiece is! The ear bud has been fabricated with the idea of giving comfort to the listeners with a fitting frame. The cable of the earpiece is transparent, lightweight and durable with hardwearing. The sound quality is excellent of the earpiece that comes alongside a built-in microphone. Aligned with a clothing clip both the devices feature a surveillance tube and the PTT button.

You can easily replace the plastic clothing clip with a steel clip and add features like swivel ear loop. This is done so as to improve flexibility of usage and comfort. Irrespective of how the environment is, the earpiece has a noise cancelling feature that makes it efficient to use in social events at nightclubs, factor or a public event. It is the choice made by professionals since the device is highly compatible with Kenwood 2 way radios. Imagine days when your communication systems are on a shutdown with extreme interference in sound waves! If you fancy a noise free, discrete andclear sound quality then Kenwood radio earpieces is the ideal pick.

A Kenwood radio customer will never face the problem of compatibility or affordability. Having distinct features makes the earpiece an accommodating communication tool. There are lower priced devices available however lack the durability of Kenwood. The Kenwood earpiece is composed of robust framework that can withstand collision. In fact the earpiece is resistant to high strain making it a long lasting device. The earpiece has been recognized globally to being an apt choice for enhancing sound quality of Kenwood radios. You should ensure that while you’re out buying earpiece for yourself, the kind of radio you have matters a lot. So choose wisely before making a final decision.


Kenwood radio earpiece is a result of proficient technology that assists receiving, sending and regulating information between recipients. It is vital to use competent communication tools to achieve quality proof sound. Kenwood is an economical brand that triggers consistent performance over time. This lightweight device couples with a resilient covering that secures prolonged connectivity. Enjoy the comfort of uninterrupted conversations with Kenwood’s brilliant earpiece technology today.

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28 Apr 2015

For those of us old enough to remember, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was the first real gaming console that captured the hearts of American gamers. It was on this console that gamers were first introduced to such famous figures as Mario, Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, and many more. Other classic characters from this console were never brought back in later games despite their large popularity. These games need to be given a second look by young gamers, as they are an exciting part of gaming history.

How does it make you feel to experience this imaginary moment and live in the virtual reality of accomplishment? Harness that feeling and it will spur you to success.

Similarly you have NYC virtual reality home systems that are enjoyable and efficient. These are virtual training systems that provide fitness training. Being highly interactive these systems help you to become an expert in whatever fitness mode that you have chosen. There are systems that bring out the biker in you. Within the confines of you home you can train yourself to build on speed and endurance, the most important aspects of a seasoned biker. Such systems have powerful motors which act as a real bike engine and the friction takes you on a virtual ride on roads, hills etc. You will be virtually biking on any preferred type of terrain.

First you should take out pen and paper and make a list of all the things you like to do. Make a long list. Add as many activities as you can think of. There are no rules about this list, it may include silly things or things you cannot imagine would be related to a goal or purpose. You might include hobbies like gardening, fishing, reading, knitting, video gaming, etc. Include everything you do, you like to do, you would like to do or you have enjoyed doing in the past. You can include any jobs you have done, are doing now, or have dreamed of doing. You can include anything that you've seen others doing and have thought, "Gee, that looks like it would really be fun" or "she seems so fulfilled doing that".

Connections - Look for an LCD TV with USB ports, HDMI ports, PC inputs, and component inputs so that you can hook up Blu-ray players, Virtual reality headset consoles, and other peripheral devices.

Threat meters are buttresses that keep in check any threats and its degree on an individual player's game. It is made to make the tank tasks less costly. The meters therefore make the tanks aware of whether they will bring in the full arsenal or whether they will keep quiet for a while until the degree is on a heightened level for them to act with all the power available.

Think of this for a second, the chances of winning the lottery are hundreds of thousands of times greater than the possibility that you might be born. Consider if you will back 50,000 years ago your ancestors could have easily been eaten by a saber toothed tiger, they might have died of the plague, died in a war, struck by lightning or a falling coconut, don't laugh it happens. Perhaps run over by a truck, or any number of things. But you're here today, that makes you a winner already, and since you have this wonderful luck to even be here in the first place, you owe it to yourself, your family, your country, your company, and all of your ancestors all the way back to be a winner.
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28 Apr 2015
Save 50% on the brands you love at Sears and make this year amazing! Amazing deals for her are from UK Style by French Connection, Joe by Joe Boxer, apostrophe, Inked & Faded and Everlast. For him, Sears has savings on U.S. Polo Assn., Dickies, Southpole, Roebuck & Co., Tapout and Amplify. And for the kids, there are sales on Bongo, Dickies, Southpole, U.S. Polo Assn. and more. With savings up to 50% off, you can get twice as much for your back-to-school fashion dollars on all the brands you love.

If you wish to enjoy every rhythm and beat of your music without any interruption or disturbance from your surroundings, then a noise cancelling headset is the ideal device for you. It is also an ideal device for gamers who want to fully experience their video game without any disturbance from the outside. It is also useful when you want some silence and wants to read a good book. If you are a person who likes silence and wants peace to concentrate then you should at once buy one of these headsets.

The iPad is being marketed as a portable entertainment device but sometimes you just want to use it at home. The Apple Component AV Cable and Composite AV Cable are designed to work with everything from the iPod Classic to the iPad and are the best accessories to use when connecting it to your television or big screen. Both cables plug into the 30-pin connector on your iPad and have red and white analog audio and a USB connector to plug into a power source to keep your battery from running out. For video, the Component AV Cable has Y, Pr and Pb video and the Composite AV Cable has the composite video plug to connect to your home entertainment system. The cables are the same price and it will come down to your preference when picking one out.

Accessories for iPods might include an iPod case or sock for protecting the device, a remote control, camera connectors, an iPod dock, in-what exactly are earbuds, power adaptors, and software to expand its uses. Determine which accessories you will need and factor them into the price of your iPod.

I personally would anytime prefer going for wireless earphones than the wired ones. This is due to the fact that if by chance the headphone cord gets pulled hard, there is a chance of it breaking the headphone altogether. And this has happened with my earphones many times. In case there are many other things that you need to take care while handling a wired earphone. For instance, you should not dangle or spin them while walking. I have seen many people playing with the earphones like that and it damages your set. Also, one more thing to avoid is tangling up your earphone cords. The knots eventually pinch the delicate wires inside and break them.

Nonetheless you can still have headphones with the perfect sound quality thru finding the right kind of headphones. The first and main thing that affects this is the type of driver it has. A headphone with at least 40mm drive will keep your music flowing crisp into your ears while raising the bass to come in clear without interruption. Never ever choose headphones that produce static bass and has very low quality earphone materials because apparently it's not worth it. The next thing to consider is the price. Remember that sometimes you get what you pay for. As for cheap headphones most of the time they are not well made hence they are sold at a very low price. Usually the wires in the ear buds are also very thin and snap easily or break quickly.

Absurd style and an over-the-top design characterize the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, setting them apart from all other Earbuds. Obviously, comfort wasn't the paramount concern. Large, triangle-shaped earpieces won't fit quite like we'd like with their lack of ergonomic principle.

It has 5MP Autofocus camera with 720p video recording and a font facing VGA camera for video calling. It is 14.2 mm thick and weighs 115g. The connectivity features include, 3G, Wi-Fi with DLNA support, Bluetooth with A2DP and aGPS.

It came with accessories that include a remote control, AC/DC charger and a car adapter. In my stocking I found Bose Earbuds for my RCA Portable DVD Player. It is the perfect gift for me.
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24 Apr 2015

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